What is Buyee?  If you want to buy Japanese goods, you can easily buy from Buyee. It is an excellent service that can easily buy Japanese goods.

It is an useful service, but there is a point that must be kept in mind. I will explain some points now.

Table of Contents

  1. Bad point about Buyee

  2. Buy at a bargain at Tenso.com

  3. Summary

1. Bad point about Buyee

buyee-pricePlease take a look at folloing image. It shows that someone will buy on Amazon using the Buyee in Japan.

Amazon have many items offering Shop with Points. In this case,he will get 19,879 pt (10 % of price)(1 pt = 1 JPY).  However, Buyee price is NOT APPLIED Shop With Point. He will lose 19,870 JPY at this rate.

 2. Buy at a bargain at Tenso.com

What is “Tenso.com” ? Tenso.com offers international fowarding service from Japan to the world and reduces remittance charge.

For more information about Tenso.com, please refer “How to buy items from America that do not supported to the Global Shipping Program(GSP).”

3. Summary

You can get items at a lower price by little labor. Try “Tenso.com” and Enjoy private import !!!

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