Rare model list from JDM
Hi Gently, I succeeded in connecting with a person who owns a rare JDM watches collector. (of course, new condition watches) So I can show his rare list. If you want to buy something in list, let me know! I will show the price. →Contact to us Anyway, he is collector. His products haven’t effective warranty card.  So if you have some problems by them watches,  you need to ship the watch to Japan Casio or Seiko.   Product Name quantity in stock GMW-B5000TFC-1JR 1 GMW-B5000TFG-9JR 1     GW-6902K-9JR 2     DW-5035D-1BJR 1 DW-5735D-1BJR 2     GF-8235D-1BJR 1     BGA-190KT-7AJR 1 BGA-190KT-1AJR 1     GWG-1000MH-1AJR 1…

How to buy some products at more lower price on my site.
Hey Guys,  Today I’d like to show to you “how to buy some products at lower price on my site”. My site Payment method is PayPal only. PayPal request to customer exchange rate fee of Japanese yen to USD. It is little bit higher than credit card exchange rate fee.  I found out how to do from online PayPal community site. Please refer the below URL https://www.paypal-community.com If you do that, you get some products at 0.5 – 1.5 % lower price than using PayPal exchange rate. Have a nice shopping!

To everyone who wrote the review.
  Hi Gently, thank you for wrote a review. I glad to read lot of reviews from you. You are my anchor. So I’d like to refund 1000 yen for your review. But you did’t inform to me that wrote a review. I did’t know who wrote a review. Let me know who wrote a review! If you don’t know how to write a review, refer the below link. How can I get a 1000 JPY Cashback ? Thank you, and Kindly, Kazuki

Do you use Buyee, or Tenso.com?
What is Buyee?  If you want to buy Japanese goods, you can easily buy from Buyee. It is an excellent service that can easily buy Japanese goods.

how to protect the watch from the hydrolysis
Do you know Hydrolysis ? This phenomeno happen to important shoes and watches. It is an incredible phenomenon.It was broken when I use it after a long absence .This is the Hydrolysis. This posts describes the hydrolysis .