Many people will want to buy at Japanese Amazon. “It is impossible for me to buy,because I cannot read Japanese.”  If you said such a thing, please watch folloing movie.

It explains that clearly shows to buy items for GSP.  However, there are many items in Japan that do not supported GSP. I wil explain how to buy that kind of things.

Table of Contents

  1. Using the delivery agent

  2. Items that cannot supported GSP

  3. Summary

1. Using the delivery agent

Do you know ? offers international fowarding service through a delivery agent to the world when you buy items that do not supported GSP.

This website was written in English. And once the personal information is registed, soon you can start to use. Furthermore, the charge is cheaper. is very useful !

2. Items that cannot supported GSP

You notice that item is not supported GSP after purchasing at times. So that won’t happen, you will check the items that is not suppored GSP. Following URL is the link that does not deal with some items.

3. Summary

Everyone became able to import privately. How about buying at Japanese Amazon by yourself ?

It is very interesting to know another cultre.

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