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Product Information

Brand name CASIO G-SHOCK willow oak ogee shock
Brand name Limited GMW-B5000
Maker model number GMW-B5000TCM-1JR
Specifications Body size: 49.3*43.2*13.0
Body weight (g): 110
Specifications: 20 standard atmosphere waterproofing
The electric wave solar world six stations reception
Mobile link function by Bluetooth SMART
Color Limited titanium duck
The details From GMW-B5000 of the full metal square model inheriting first G-SHOCK, a gene of DW-5000C, the New model of the camouflage pattern appears.
While, by the special finish that utilized a laser sculpture to a base in GMW-B5000TB which adopted a titanium material to all the case bezel band backgrounds this time, being metal material; is expression with a unique camouflage handle.
After having made DLC processing on a case belt, I brought about the light and shade of the color by the difference of the dot pattern of “large average, three small” and realized a camouflage handle.
It is an appearance of New GMW-B5000 which served as new evolution by advanced processing technique.
・The shock structure that even a full metal case can endure by sandwiching the fine resin buffer-resistant
・The screw back where there is the solid feeling that gave the DLC processing that is superior in wear resistance
・Internal irreflection coating sapphire glass
・Clear visibility by STN-LCD (liquid crystal) which a clock is easy to make out even from film solar cell and a diagonal angle

・Smartphone link (in the world thyme establishment of approximately 300 city + original cities, an automatic time correction, simple clock setting, reminder, time with & place, cell-phone search, battery indicator indication (seven phases indication))
・Multiband 6 to receive the standard radio wave of six stations (Japanese two stations, China, United States, U.K., Germany) of the world, and to automatically modify the time
・Tough solar
・Five world thyme
・Fully automatic LED light (with a super illuminator, two seconds 14 seconds afterglow time reshuffling, the fade-in fade-out) which is high brightness
・Day indication of six languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian)


Watch, Instructions, Original Box of CASIO, 1-year Manufacturer Global Guarantee About warranty

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