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913,000 Japanese yen

Product Information

Material Case bezel materials: Resin / carbon
Resin band
Spherical surface, curved surface glass
Screw lock-type Lew’s
Triple G cash register strike (shock structure, centrifugal gravity performance, vibration structure-resistant-resistant-resistant)
Carbon bezel
Internal irreflection coating sapphire glass
Specifications ■Main function
Resin band
20 standard atmosphere waterproofing
G-SHOCK Connected application “G-SHOCK Connected” correspondence
Mobile link function
Smart access (a note: only in the case of analog)
Tough movement (a note: only in the case of analog)
Tough solar
Radio time signal Japan, North America, Europe, local correspondence in China

20 standard atmosphere waterproofing
Tough solar (solar charge system)
Mobile link function (function interlocking movement by the Bluetooth (R) communication with the correspondence cell-phone)
Hands evacuation function (when a Hands overlaps with liquid crystal display and is hard to see it, I can let a Hands evacuate from liquid crystal display temporarily)
World time: Clock of 39 city (with the function to automatically set in 39 time zones, summer time) +UTC (conventional world time) of the world, city spare function of the home time containing
Stopwatch (more than) /1/10 second (one hour within 1/1000 second (one hour with), 24 hours meter, the split)
Timer (a set credit measures the greatest set by 1/10 second unit for 24 hours for one second)
Five multi-alarm (DAILY, 1 TIME, SCHEDULE), time signal
Battery indicator indication
Power saving function (when a given period of time passes in the dark place, I put out indication and stop handling of a Hands and save electricity)
Fully automatic calendar
12/24 time system indication reshuffling
Operation sound ON/OFF reshuffling function
The double LED right field:
LED light (with full Autolite, super illuminator, afterglow function, afterglow time reshuffling (1.5 seconds /3 second)) for the letter board,
LED backlight (with full Autolite, super illuminator, afterglow function, afterglow time reshuffling (1.5 seconds /3 second)) for the LCD part
It is the drive time in the state without the solar generation after full charge
In the case of use of function: Approximately six months
In the case of a power saving state: Approximately 20 months

※ When I do not cooperate with a smartphone, I work with normal quartz precision (mean moon difference ±15 second).

Size Size (H X W X D): 53.3*49.4*14.3mm
Mass: 83 g


Watch, Instructions, Original Box of CASIO, 1-year Manufacturer Global Guarantee About warranty

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