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Product Information

Material Case bezel materials: Resin / carbon
Resin band
Spherical surface, curved surface glass
Screw lock-type Lew’s
Triple G cash register strike (shock structure, centrifugal gravity performance, vibration structure-resistant-resistant-resistant)
Carbon bezel
Internal irreflection coating sapphire glass
Specifications ■Main function
Resin band
20 standard atmosphere waterproofing
G-SHOCK Connected application “G-SHOCK Connected” correspondence
Mobile link function
Smart access (a note: only in the case of analog)
Tough movement (a note: only in the case of analog)
Tough solar
Radio time signal Japan, North America, Europe, local correspondence in China

Waterproofing for the ISO200m diving
Tough solar (solar charge system)
An electric wave reception function: Automatic reception (as for up to six times/day, Chinese electric wave up to five times) / hand-operated reception,
a reception electric wave: JJY, a frequency: 40kHz/60kHz (Fukushima / Kyushu both stations correspondence model)
a reception electric wave: WWVB, a frequency: 60kHz
a reception electric wave: MSF/DCF77, a frequency: 60kHz/77 .5kHz
a reception electric wave: BPC, a frequency: 68.5kHz
*I receive the station which I put together in the city when I set it in the city that can receive home thyme setting. In addition, the difference in time is set by the city that I chose.
World time: Clock of the 48 city (31 time zones) of the world, clock of +UTC (conventional world time) with the summer time setting function
A diving function: A depth of the water measurement range: 0.0-80.0m, a depth of the water measurement unit: 0.1m, diving time measurement: For up to six hours (until 180 minutes a one second unit after that a one minute unit), start / finishes a measurement at depth of the water 1.5m in a diving mode automatically and performs the log memory automatically. Surface of the water spell indication (up to 48 hours), surfacing speed warning function
I memory log data (the depth of the water maximum on the diving starting date at diving time, the lowest water temperature) 20
A direction measurement function: Direction consecutive measurements (in 60 seconds (diving fashion 20 seconds)), indication graphic in north, south, east and west, bearing memory, automatic horizontal revision function, direction revision function, magnetism argument revision function to measure the angle (0-359 degrees) of the direction, and to display 16 directions (do not display it with the diving mode)
Temperature measurement function (a measurement range: – 10-60 degrees Celsius, a temperature measurement unit: 0.1 degree Celsius)
A thyme stamp function: I memory date (I record the depth of the water, temperature, the direction during a sensor measurement at the same time) 20
Tide graph (six phases of indication)
Moon data (form indication of the age of the month, the month)
Stopwatch (with 1/100 second, 100 hours meter, the split)
Timer (a set credit measures the greatest set by a unit for one second for 24 hours for one minute)
Five time alarm (only as for nothing with the snooze function), time signal
Battery indicator indication
Power saving function (when a given period of time passes in the dark place, I put out indication and save electricity)
Fully automatic calendar
12/24 time system indication reshuffling
Operation sound ON/OFF reshuffling function
LED backlight (with full Autolite, super illuminator, afterglow function, afterglow time reshuffling (1.5 seconds /3 second))
It is the drive time in the state without the solar generation after full charge
In the case of use of function: Approximately seven months
In the case of a power saving state: Approximately 23 months

Home thyme city (reception function correspondence city) / reception electric wave
Taipei, Seoul, standard radio wave JJY40, JJY60 of Tokyo / Japan
(Honolulu), (Anchorage), Vancouver, Los Angeles, Edmonton, Denver, Mexico City, Chicago, New York, Halifax, standard radio wave WWVB of the St. John’s / United States
Lisbon, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Stockholm, Athens, standard radio wave MSF, German standard radio wave DCF77 of the (Moscow) / U.K.
Hong Kong, standard radio wave BPC of Beijing / China
※() If a condition is good, each inner city may receive it.

※When the electric wave reception is not carried out, I work with normal quartz precision (mean moon difference ±15 second).
※ When you measure outside temperature, you take off a clock from an arm, and prevent you from being affected by temperature, sweat (drop of water), the direct rays of the sun.

Size Size (H X W X D): 59.2*53.3*18mm
Mass: 141 g



Watch, Instructions, Original Box of CASIO, 1-year Manufacturer Global Guarantee About warranty

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