Do you know Hydrolysis ?

This phenomeno happen to important shoes and watches.

It is an incredible phenomenon.It was broken when I use it after a long absence .This is the Hydrolysis. This posts describes the hydrolysis .


  1. What is Hydrolysis ?

  2. The Hydrolysis happen to G-SHOCH !!!!

  3. Recommended measures

  4. Summary

1. What is Hydrolysis ?

Please look at the photo on the right side. This watch was broken by Hydrolysis.Hydrolysis

That mean that Hydrolysis happen to variety watch.

The Hydrolysis happen to Polyurethane and Resin. Bad Method of preservation happen hydrolysis in three years, and after 5 years begin to break.

2. The Hydrolysis happen to G-SHOCH !!!!

G-SHOCK is strong in water and shock. But G-SHOCK may not be able to use by hydrolysis.

For example, Urethane resin band become sticky, and urethane resin band is broken.

It is too sad for you that it is broken important watch. You need to remember how to slow down the hydrolysis.

 3. Recommended measures

Storage method is important to slow down the hydrolysis.

Moisture in humidity atomsphere brings hydrolysis. so when storaging, using dehumidifying is effective.

It is necessary to periodically replace the dehumidification agent.

4. Summary

It is important to handle the watch carefully. If Dirty, wash. If wet, wipe.

Wish you be always filled with happiness.

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