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I succeeded in connecting with a person who owns a rare JDM watches collector. (of course, new condition watches) So I can show his rare list.

If you want to buy something in list, let me know! I will show the price. →Contact to us

Anyway, he is collector. His products haven’t effective warranty card.  So if you have some problems by them watches,  you need to ship the watch to Japan Casio or Seiko.

Product Name quantity in stock
GMW-B5000TFC-1JR 1
GMW-B5000TFG-9JR 1
GW-6902K-9JR 2
DW-5035D-1BJR 1
DW-5735D-1BJR 2
GF-8235D-1BJR 1
BGA-190KT-7AJR 1
BGA-190KT-1AJR 1
GWG-1000MH-1AJR 1
DW-5635C-4JR 1
DW-6935C-4JR 1
GG-1000BTN-1AJR 4
DW-5600PGW-7JR 1
DW-5600PGB-1JR 2
GW-9401KJ-9JRGW-9401KJ-9JR 1
GW-9402KJ-2JR 2
GW-9403KJ-9JR 4
BGR-3007K-7JR 2
LOV-16A-7AJR 1
LOV-16B-1JR 1
LOV-16C-7JR 1
LOV-17A-7AJR 1
LOV-17B-1AJR 1
GA-700EH-1AJR 1
DW-5600HT-1JR 1
GA-500K-3JR 1
GD-X6900SP-1JR 1
GD-X6900AL-2JR 1
GA-100MRB-1AJR 1
GD-400HUF-1JR 1
MRG-G1000DC-1AJR 1
MRG-G1000B-1AJR 1
MRG-G1000B-1A4JR 1
MRG-G1000RT-1AJR (serial number 1 digit) 1
MRG-G1000HG-9AJR (serial number 2 digit) 1

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