DW-5600THS-1JR Casio G-shock Throwback 1990s Men
We provide manufactures global warranty card. more detail MSRP 17,050 Japanese yen Product Information Size (H* W* D): 48.9*42.8*13.4mm Mass: 56 g Case bezel materials: Resin Cross band Shock structure (shock cash register strike)-resistant Inorganic glass 20 standard atmosphere waterproofing Stopwatch (with 1/100 second (00 ’00 “00-59 ’59” 99) /1 second (1:00 ’00 “- 23:59 ’59”), 24 hours meter, the split) Timer (a set unit: a set greatest for one second: for 24 hours for one second by a unit a measurement, auto-repeat) It is the time signal multi-alarm Fully automatic calendar 12/24 time system indication reshuffling EL backlight (with the afterglow function) Report sound flash function (alarm / timeā€¦